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CORONA PVC Cards Material : Plstic ( Great PVC) not Recycle PVC Thickness Custom make 0.19 mm~0.34mm Cards: 52 cards +2 joker , or cutom 4 joker Package : plastic box for 2 decks

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Jinhua Shunda Printing And Packaging Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China playing cards, poker cards, casino playing cards manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to buy cheap bulk playing cards and wholesale customized products from our factory. Our have licenses held by the National Light Industry, the printing business license, trademark printing permit. And have a professional R & D, design, production management team and perfect after-sale system.


About poker (Poker) is not able to determine the origin, but is thought to be derived from the 12, out of Southern Song dynasty in 13th century China leaves play. Leaves the play appeared as early as in the Tang dynasty, according to the four seasons are divided into four categories, four suits of playing cards have similar claims. Also suggested mahjong and Pai Gow is also associated with the early leaves play. Another is widely considered to be legend, the Tarot has evolved, because both cards are divided into four suits, face cards also coincided with the Palace of the Tarot cards. While others believed that poker was invented was Atlantis, nothing to do with what has been said above.
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